About BidACar

BidACar is the only marketplace designed to support and assist in the management of vehicle inventory for dealers by utilizing the dealer community as a network. Our primary service is to assist in acquiring pre-owned vehicles and eliminate aged vehicles in accordance with dealers stocking plans. This unique service saves our dealers valuable time, while also avoiding the rising expenses from sending and purchasing vehicles from auction clearinghouses. Our process also allows the dealers to maximize their time for retail sales. Having the vehicle already available for sale, there is no further risk of losses and expenses from transport theft at auctions; thus maximizing profit and minimizing loss.

BidACar has proven time and again we can maximize the return by remarketing our vehicles directly to other dealers, ensuring our frontline guaranteed vehicles are ready for retail sale. We have thousands of dealers and thousands of vehicles in inventory. Over 10% of the used vehicles are aged over 50 days in dealer's inventory and needing to be sold. It is our goal to put this inventory into the right markets.

Using our custom technology solutions, we make our system seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes. Being connected to a large dealer network has immense potential and countless benefits, including:

Connect to thousands of dealers nationwide!
No charge to dealers or any up front fees to join.
Post your aged cars automatically according to age.
Send text alerts and mass emails to eager buyers and sellers.
24/7 support for buyers and sellers.
Local transportation assistance to move cars efficiently.
Dedicated sales representative to assist your dealership.

The BidACar sales team is here to assist our dealer network in the remarketing of those particular aged vehicles. Our experienced sales staff will also assist in offering Frontline guaranteed vehicles to those dealers in need of fresh inventory with our automated technology.

Please feel free to call or email our team to assist your dealership today!



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