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For Dealerships

Bidacar, The Dealer to Dealer Network.

  • All Vehicles guaranteed Frontline Ready through your shop.
  • No charge to join the Network.
  • Full time sales Reps to assist you 24/7.
  • 5000+ aged vehicles available to purchase.
  • Cutting edge technology to buy and sell via text and email.
  • Vehicles can be posted and re-marketed automatically.
  • Bought Vehicles can be delivered daily ready for retail.
  • Aged vehicles can be eliminated immediately.

For Retail Buyers

Wholesale Vehicles Now available to the Public!
Our Personal Concierge buying services include:
  • Vehicle search and location
  • Price negotiation
  • Maximum trade in value for your vehicle(s) or cash buy out
  • Consultation on financing/warranties/after market products
  • Vehicle reports, and book values.
  • Vehicle inspection and analysis.
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