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Bidacar Arbitration Policy's

Bidacar is comprised of a Local Network of Dealers to ensure an faster, easier and more affordable way of doing dealer to dealer vehicle transactions.

We strive to bring our Dealer community together by offering better solutions when doing business. Honesty and Integrity is an important key to all our success! We hope any arbitration will be handled in this fashion.

Bidacar will issue a Sales Order and invoice for each vehicle sold and copies will be emailed to both buyer and seller. Buyer is responsible for transportation. B.A.C can assist on request.

Sales Disclosure(s)

All vehicles offered for sale are presented as frontline-ready unless otherwise disclosed. Normal wear and tear is expected. Minor paintwork is acceptable if done to industry standards.

The B.A.C. definition of "frontline-ready" includes:

  • All Drive line components, engine transmission, rear end etc..
  • Electrical, gauges, windows accessories, etc..
  • Glass, headlights all safety components
  • Smogged (if applicable) and safetied
  • No excessive body or paint work
  • 4 mm or better on brakes and tires
  • Clean CARFAX or Auto check unless disclosed
  • Clean and clear title
  • Vehicles offered as "CERTIFIED" must meet OEM standards

Anything that affects the retail sell ability of that vehicle needs to be disclosed.

Ineligible vehicles for our sale(s) include:

  • Salvage title
  • Frame Damage
  • Manufacturer buybacks (Lemon Law)
  • Mechanical problems
  • DMV-restricted vehicles
  • TMU (True Mileage Unknown)
  • Gray-market vehicles
  • Any safety-related items


Fees will be assessed as follows:

  • Dealer Buy/Sell Fee - $300.00
  • Over $50k Sale - Buy/Sell Fee - $500.00
  • Over $100k Sale - Buy/Sell Fee - $1000.00

Dealership Inventory

Dealership agrees to give BidACar access to their inventory feed. Dealer agrees that all transactions made between the dealership and BidACar members will be charged a $300 Buy/Sell fee. This is done automatically through transaction reporting, by calculating vehicles viewed by the user and reconciled with feed file data for their respective dealerships.


Buyer is responsible for transportation, and must pick up purchased vehicles within 3 business days within 0-300 miles from purchasing dealers location.

Out of state buyers are responsible to pick up purchased vehicles within 5 business days.

Sellers are responsible to hold sold vehicles within the allowed time frames.

Buyers are responsible to inspect and submit all and any arbitrated items with 72 hours after vehicle has been delivered to buyers premises.

Delivered Vehicles

Buyer has 72 hours after delivery to inspect and accept the vehicle or request arbitration. If Bidacar is not notified within the specified time-period, it will be assumed the vehicle has been accepted and payment must be made to the selling dealer.

On accepted vehicles, Seller will send clear title and smog certificate (if applicable) and buyer will send payment to the Selling Dealer. Selling Dealers may impose at there discretion means of payment policy's they may require. Cashiers check, check for title etc..


For any vehicles that are contracted through to another dealer, and then sold either retail or wholesale to another party after the agreement has been made, the Selling Dealer will be responsible to pay the $300.00 Sell fee. The $300.00 Fee will be utilized to cover occured expenses to both the seller and BidACar. If a dealer unwinds a vehicle transaction more than 3 times he will lose access and privileges to their BidACar membership.

If a contracted wholesale deal has been approved by the selling dealer and that vehicle is an "UNWIND" because it was either wholesaled or retailed before the time period allowed, the selling dealer is responsible for the shipping expenses occured by the buyer.


If a vehicle is entered into arbitration:

It is up to the Selling dealer and the buying Dealer to settle the Dispute.

Bidacar is not responsible or liable for any disputes or allegations made for the condition or options made on any vehicle.

Although a Bidacar rep.may assist in coming to an conclusion between buyer and seller , Bidacar will make no final adjustment without both parties consent.

If a conclusion cannot or will not be made by either Parties the vehicle must be Unwound and the Buyer must be made whole by the Selling Dealer.

  1. An adjustment may be made to the final sales price.
  2. If needed, the vehicle will can be inspected by a third party or authorized Mechanic/body shop.
  3. If a conclusion cannot or will not be made by either Parties the vehicle must be Unwound and the Buyer must be made whole by the Selling Dealer.
  4. The sale may be rescinded and the Seller will be responsible for all transportation costs.
  5. There is a $300 mechanical arbitration deductible (first $300.00 of any mechanical repairs are paid by the buyer).

Any Book Values or miss-books are NOT guaranteed. Buyer is responsible for to Book his vehicles or vehicles being purchased. Posted book values are only a guide. The maximum amounts awarded for any arbitration claims are:

  • $300.00 Paint work (per panel)
  • $250.00 Brakes/Rotors (per axle)
  • $150.00 Tires (each)
  • $150.00 Bumpers (each)
  • $150.00 Windshield
  • $0.00 Inspection/Certification fees
  • $0.00 Maintenance items (oil/fluid change, filters, wiper blades, belts, hoses)

Bidacar will notify Buyer and Seller of the final outcome by email and (if an adjustment has been made) a new Sales Orders will be sent.

Arbitration will not last longer than 48 house unless agreed upon by both parties. By participating in a Bidacar transaction, either as a Buyer or Seller, all parties agree that Bidacar is only a spokesperson and its decisions shall be final and binding by the consent of Buyer and Seller of that particular Vehicle.

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